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Cal-Mag + Seaweed Extract Fertilizer
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Palmer Orchids Root & Bloom
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Palmer Orchids Cal-Mag + Seaweed (14-2-14)



Palmer Orchids Root & Bloom (10-35-15)



Directions: For either blend, use 1 teaspoon fertilizer per 1 gallon of water. Mix well to dissolve. Apply Cal-Mag + Seaweed regularly (every 7-10 days). Alternate with Root & Bloom every few weeks.

Suggested Schedule: We recommend a monthly routine of Cal-Mag applied once a week or 3 times/month, substituting Root & Bloom for Cal-Mag once a month.

Important: Store open bag with unused fertilizer in a water-tight container (e.g., a plastic storage container with a lid). This blend is hygroscopic and will liquefy if left unsealed. DO NOT use fertilizer with water treated through a water softener.