1. I am new to growing orchids. How often should I water? How much light does my orchid need?

The American Orchid Society is a terrific resource for beginners. AOS culture sheets are a good starting point for basic information on orchid care by genus (e.g. Cattleya, Catasetum, Stanhopea). AOS also provides "Novice Culture Sheets" on Cattleya, DendrobiumPaphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis and general information on watering

2. What kinds of orchids do you grow?

Our selection is fairly unique. We grow orchids from the Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Phal, and Vanda alliances, as well as Paphs and Phrags, specialty hybrids, and uncommon species.

3. Our orchid society/garden club is planning an excursion. Can we visit Palmer Orchids?

Certainly! We’d love to have your group visit our nursery. You can send us a message through the “About” page to get the ball rolling. Please include the approximate number in your group, when you’d like to visit, and any details that would help us better understand your goals (e.g. educational, social). We’ll get in touch within the week to make arrangements.

4. What forms of payment do you accept?

All major plastic.

5. Do you sell growing supplies?

Yes. We carry a limited supply of growing materials, including potting mix, sphagnum, fertilizer, and bloom booster. We also have a selection of baskets, clay pots, and decorative orchid pots available.

6. Where can I find a wholesale price list?

For information on buying wholesale, please send a current copy of your Resale Certificate for Sales Tax to Ashley (ashley.palmerorchids@gmail) along with a description of your business and what you’re looking for. Note: Wholesale pricing is only available when purchasing on site at the nursery. There is currently a waiting list for prospective wholesale customers.

7. I've emailed/left a message with your office. How long can I expect to wait for a response?

Depending on the season and the nature of your request, it may take between 3-5 business days for us to respond to your message. Though our retail staff is limited, we do our best to keep up with customer demand and appreciate your patience. 

8. Do you ship orchids? What does it cost? Where are the prices?

Yes—and soon you’ll be able to order directly through our site! In the meantime, you can message us with plant inquiries and we’ll explain the process.

9. Do you have gift certificates?

Indeed, we do. Check the “More” menu at the top of this page for a link.