Rlc. Shinfong Gold Gem

Rlc. Shinfong Gold Gem Cattleya Orchids Palmer Orchids

Rlc. Shinfong Gold Gem

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(Rlc. Golden Slippers x Rlc. Kuan-Miao Chen)

Large flowered Cattleya hybrid with golden yellow/orange petals and sepals and velvety red lip. Fragrant.

Rlc. Shinfong Gold gem grows best in high light. Provide this plant with bright light, but no direct sun at midday.

Grow on the dry side, watering perhaps 2-3x per week when plants are potted in porous free-draining media. Watering frequency will ultimately depend on temperatures and humidity in your growing environment. But as a rule of thumb, these plants should dry out between waterings.

Mature plants available in 4” and 6” pots. Select 4” Pot Large or 6” Pot Standard for a plant with multiple leads and/or multiple bloom spikes.

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